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The Stranger by J.L. Perry


Title: The Stranger
Author: J.L. Perry
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Billionaire, Grumpy/Sunshine, Age Gap
Fake Relationship, Forced Proximity, Office
Romance, He's Her Boss, Friends to Lovers
Release Date: July 19, 2024


When I woke to my phone ringing just after 5 am on a Sunday—my only day off—it was safe to say I wasn’t impressed. I answered the call with an abrupt, “What!” The audible gasp and berating that followed had me grumbling, “Someone better be dead, Mother.”
“After the relationship status you were tagged in on Facebook, no less, I very well could be,” was her reply.
Relationship status?
With who?
I immediately clicked on the app, only to find it was true.
Delilah St. James had one of those faces that was hard to forget, and I knew I’d never laid eyes on this pretty blonde with beautiful blue eyes before.
I could’ve let my assistant, PR company, or my lawyer deal with it, but against my better judgement, I clicked on the Messenger app.
“Do I know you?” I typed.
When my sister decided to post photos of her—on what was supposed to be my honeymoon—with my ex-fiancĂ© on social media, I did something reckless and impulsive. I tagged her long-time crush, Spencer Prescott, in a fake relationship post. The last thing I expected was for him to reach out.
I apologised profusely and told him I’d take it down immediately, briefly explaining why I had done it, and he replied with something unexpected.
“Leave it up. What can it hurt?”
Minutes later, I got a friend request from his mother … immediately inviting me to brunch. I only agreed to go, so I could tell her the truth to her face.
What happened next was a domino effect that would change the course of all our lives.



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Jodi is a wife and mother, born in Sydney, Australia. She recently moved to a property in the Hunter Valley with her family for a tree change. Under the name of J. L. Perry, five of her books have been #1 Bestsellers; including BASTARD, JAX, HOOKER, NINETEEN LETTERS and THE BOSS. Foreign rights to some of her books have been sold to Germany, Hungary, Czech and France where BASTARD became a top #20 bestseller. Some of her other titles include, FINDING HIM, FINDING FOREVER, FINDING US, FINDING FORGIVENESS, THE THIEF, ONLY ONE NIGHT, MR. BLACK, MR. EDWARDS and THE STRANGER.

NINETEEN LETTERS was debuted under the name of Jodi Perry through publishing giants, Hachette where it won the RWA Ruby Award for 2018 Romance Book of the Year. She also secured a publishing deal in the UK, with Sphere, an imprint company of Little Brown.


Mating Season


Mating Season
Kitty Thomas
(A Captive Bear Shifter Romance)
Publication date: July 17th 2024
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Pop Quiz: You’re a woman alone in the forest… would you rather run into a man or a bear?

I’m lost out in the woods when I cross paths with a strange man. He offers to take me back to his campsite, feed me, get me warm, but every instinct in me screams NO!

He is an opportunistic predator, and I am his prey.

I run. He chases. And just before I’m traumatized for life, I hear a loud roar as a seven hundred pound Grizzly bear rips the man off me and mauls him to death.

So…. Team Bear?

If only it were so simple. This isn’t just any normal bear. He’s a bear shifter, and he’s convinced I’m his fated mate.

I appreciate the life saving and all, but I have goals and dreams, and I won’t allow fate to play matchmaker for me, no matter how otherwise appealing the shifter in question may be.

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I start to move off the dance floor when someone comes up behind me. A male someone. My first instinct is to have an embarrassing freak out… but he smells… wow he really smells good. What is that?

It’s strong yet subtle at the same time. Warm, musky. But also mossy. But somehow in a good way. I’m not sure I’m describing it right. I’m not sure mere words could convey it.

And the solid warmth of him pressed up against my back feels… comforting somehow. His hands skim my sides to land on my hips as he urges me to move with him. His erection grinds shamelessly against my backside as his arm wraps around my waist, urging me to press harder against his length.

It’s a heady cocktail of that powerful scent, pure masculine strength, sensuous movements, and stark primal possession.

He hasn’t spoken a word to me, and given recent traumatic events, I should be panicked, but all I feel is calm—and other things I’m going to ignore. Dark animal things.

I’m hit with a bolt of such overwhelming lust that suddenly I want this man more than anything I’ve ever wanted. I want him to hike up my skirt and fuck me right here in the middle of the dance floor. I want him to put me on my hands and knees and drive into me from behind in front of all these people—sweaty, writhing hot bodies that could never compete with the inferno building between us. I feel hot and cold all at once and the arousal between my legs thumps heavy with the beat of the music. The pornographic images flitting through my mind only grow stronger the longer we dance.

If you could call this dancing.

One of his hands has moved up to grip the front of my throat, holding me in place against him as he brings us impossibly closer. His other hand starts to slide up my thigh, under my dress, between my legs, his fingers barely brushing against the heat and wetness of my panties.

And then my fear starts to edge out my lust. No! I can’t let this happen.

Forgive me if I don’t want to just jump back out there and let a man touch me after… the woods. It’s normal to feel a bit of disgust toward all men when one tries to hurt you like that. It almost feels shameful to let any man touch you ever again.

So why the fuck am I letting this stranger so close? Why am I rewarding any man for the bad behavior of his kind? Bad behavior I have personally suffered. I don’t know him. He could be a fucking serial killer.

I come back to my senses and pull away. He grabs me and pulls me back to him, and instead of more fear, I feel a kind of rage I’ve never felt before. I stomp down HARD on his foot with my heel. He lets out a yelp, and releases me.

“Rosalie, wait!”

I shouldn’t be able to hear him over the noise of the club, but I do. I turn around, and there’s Cooper. I shouldn’t be surprised. Didn’t some small part of me subconsciously just know? It’s why I didn’t look back at him—just let him be a stranger, because the stakes are far too high with him as he really is.

He’s wearing jeans and a black T-shirt that pulls tight over his muscles. His tattoos wind down his arms, ending just above his hands. Those warm brown eyes… that closely shaven beard… No. Absolutely not. His agenda might not look as bad on the surface as the guy from the woods, but it still involves his fucking boner… and controlling me. No. I’m not his mate. I’m not dealing with this alpha bro You belong to me, bullshit. I’m not going to just swoon into his arms because he’s pretty and saved me, as though a man doing the decent thing somehow now obligates me to give all my freedom away to him.

Men really are just living on an entirely different planet.

And he doesn’t get to just decide any of this.

I fight to get through the crowd on the dance floor, but his hand is around my wrist before I can get away.

“Let GO of me!”

A few people start to notice the conflict and back away, and I see a bouncer eyeing us. I’m pretty sure even as large as the bouncer is, that Cooper could take him.

He holds his hands up in surrender and takes a step back. “Just talk to me. I just need to talk to you.”

Author Bio:

KITTY THOMAS writes dark stories that play with power and have unconventional HEAs. She began publishing in early 2010 with her bestselling COMFORT FOOD and is considered one of the original authors of the dark romance subgenre.

To find out FIRST when a new book comes out, subscribe to Kitty's New Release List: KITTYTHOMAS.COM

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub

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Broken Fortune


Broken Fortune
Aly Mennuti
Publication date: July 16th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

Broken Fortune explores the unraveling of a wealthy, blended family forced to reconsider their future together as their world falls apart around them.

Elizabeth Sunderland—a forty-three-year-old wife and mother of two teenagers—is the oldest of five children in a blended family that never quite blended. The only thing that has held them together is the iron will of their wealthy parents: Benjamin Sunderland, a venture capitalist, and Kate Bernard, a partner of a hedge fund. Together, Benjamin and Kate create and rule over a Manhattan dynasty of which their children each bear their own unique scars.

Elizabeth has been trying to keep the family together since she was ten years old, hoping to convince everyone they have more in common than just their fortune. This stance will be put to the ultimate test when Kate dies with one final request: that the family travel together to the island of St. John and spread her ashes in the ocean. However, Kate’s plan to fix the family will involve more than just a family trip to the sea.

As the hidden secrets and quiet betrayals built up over thirty years begin to ripple and crash like the ocean surrounding the sinking family, Elizabeth not only faces each of her sibling’s personal inflection points—moments that could lead to reconciliation or ruin—but she has to face her own demons that have laid dormant. What happens next will shock Elizabeth into recognizing a reality she had no idea existed.

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“How much money did you get?” Paul drops in, trying not to seem as outright aggressive as my other siblings but still trying to ferret out the information.

“It was nothing,” I say, trying to shut this conversation down.

“Oh, it wasn’t nothing,” Benjamin says. “It was over five million dollars.”

Everyone at the table looks ready to either spill their drink, fall off their chair, or turn me upside down to try and shake the five million out of my pockets.

“Can I have some?” Winnie says, shifting her attention for the first time this evening from my father to me.

“No,” Benjamin says sternly to Winnie. “Your mother is giving that back.”

“What about,” Paul says, daring to get between Benjamin and his money, “if you give us all five million dollars, so Lizzie doesn’t feel so alone. I mean…I’m sure my mother left something for all of us and Lizzie’s just came through first.”

“No,” Benjamin says. “Lizzie won’t feel alone when I have it back. Because none of you are getting any extra money. Everything that was Kate’s is now mine. That’s what we decided. And upon my death—which should be noted, won’t be happening anytime soon—you will all receive the entire inheritance split into five.”

“Wait,” Paul says, clearly upset. “Wait. She’s our mother. Mine. I’m her son. I mean, no offense to your kids Benjamin, but me…and Julian, we should get something now. Not have to wait until you die. You’re not my father.”

Paul’s words visibly cut through Benjamin, like an unexpected knife in the back. Even I can’t help but wince on his behalf—considering he’s spent the last thirty-three years trying to convince Paul he’s a reasonable, viable father. Meanwhile, he’s made not one corresponding overture in my direction, relegating me to the status of just an afterthought that will always linger…

Author Bio:

Aly Mennuti has always had two passions: philanthropy and literature. She satisfies one of those by being an executive at an international nonprofit consulting firm and has helped a diverse range of high-profile clients reach their philanthropic goals. However, she’s always had a desire to express herself creatively and carve out her own role as a writer in a writing family. Finally, in her forties (and with two children hitting their teens and deciding Mom is really uncool and not needed to hang out with anymore) she has the time and headspace to tell her own stories. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband, Nicholas Mennuti, a novelist and screenwriter, their two children, Charlie and Lilly, and their eccentric Goldendoodle, Barry.

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The Cliff Diver



 How far would you go for love?  

The Cliff Diver

Mina’s Choice Book 3

by Karissa Knight

Genre: Romantic Suspense

A perfect blend of sexy romantic suspense and heart-pounding action, The Cliff Diver delivers thrills galore. The characters are heroic, but human. The settings are frighteningly exotic. Most of all, the book offers entertaining, but profound insights about what people need most of all. The overall package is five-star-worthy, and headed, I’m sure, for the big screen.—Saralyn Richard, author of the Detective Parrott Mystery Series


 Determined to protect Mina at all costs, Jonathon ventures to Greece, into the heart of danger to stop his enemy and ex-lover, Rory Bradford. Using his unlimited resources, he orchestrates the interception of a fentanyl shipment destined for the streets. When he disappears without a trace, Mina refuses to sit idly by as the man she loves faces peril.

Mina races to Greece, where she embarks on a relentless quest to find Jonathon. With unwavering determination, she delves into Rory's dark past, and uncovers her secret identity. Rory is the daughter of a transnational crime leader, and she has captured Jonathon. As Mina navigates the treacherous waters of international crime, she joins forces with a team of Jonathon’s highly trained, and resourceful friends. Together they fight against weaponized drones, guerilla attacks and time to rescue Jonathon from Rory’s prison.

In a perilous quest to secure a future with the man she loves, Mina discovers that she has the strength and fortitude to face her demons and bring Jonathon home.

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The Contract

Mina’s Choice Book 2

 Chicago’s hottest legal star is the lawyer of choice for wealthy offenders, but Mina’s courtroom victories increasingly conflict with her sense of right and wrong. When she can’t ease her guilt with her self-punishing extreme sport, she seeks to relieve it in other ways. Billionaire Jonathon Thomas Heun is happy to oblige as they take their relationship to the next level with Mina surrendering control and embracing her dark, dangerous desires.

As their lives intertwine in and out of the bedroom, past deeds haunt them both, catapulting them into the perilous territory of the Russian mob, money laundering, and blackmail. When Mina’s life is threatened, Jonathan’s secrets shake Mina’s trust in him, putting their relationship on uneasy ground.

Even if her enigmatic lover proves his loyalty and saves her, can Mina forgive him and accept his growing affection?

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

The Client

Mina’s Choice Book 1

Previously published as Elements of Submission by Karissa Knight.

My new client has the wealth and power to make his own rules. As I’m drawn into his secret world of dark fantasies I must know: Is he a killer, or the man of my dreams?

Wilhelmina Green is the lawyer of choice for Chicago's wealthy offenders. Mina’s latest victory, the acquittal of a U.S. senator, has made her a media sensation. To the outside world she appears to have it all, but she’s still searching for a man with the strength to bring her dark fantasies to life.

CEO Jonathon Thomas Heun, a suspect in the death of his personal assistant, hires Mina to represent him. He slowly draws her into his seductive world of wealth and power as they investigate the murder. Despite her attraction to him Mina holds back, sensing Jonathon is keeping part of himself closed off from the world. And from her.

As the passion of their affair intensifies, Mina soon realizes her desires were just the beginning of an erotic dive into Jonathon’s lifestyle.

**Only .99cents!!**

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 Karissa Knight loves to write sultry stories packed with dangerous characters and thrilling climaxes. She is a serial artist, an avid gardener, a classical musician, and author who lives in Wisconsin.

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Second Chance Killer



Christian Thriller

Date Published: Sep 13, 2023


You can't turn back time, but you CAN turn back to Christ!


Damon Faulkner is trapped in a nightmare he can't escape. A lifelong struggle with sleepwalking lands him in the middle of a murder investigation - and he's the main suspect. Despite having no memory of the crime, Damon fights for his life against a drunken detective determined to close his one-hundredth career case.

As Damon awaits trial, he discovers unsettling secrets about Jekyll Island's past and realizes he may have been set up. He must stay awake to clear his name before it's too late. But can he prove his innocence and reveal the truth about his sleepwalking? Damon discovers that when it comes to redemption, he can't turn back time, but he can turn back to faith in Christ in a thrilling, suspenseful quest to clear his name.

Second Chance Killer is a Faith-based thriller that combines the fast-paced action of a thriller with the immersive world-building of a mystery. It explores guilt, redemption, and the search for the truth.


Prepare yourself for a gripping journey that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final revelation.

About the Author

Bradley Cornish is a freelance author and ghostwriter whose faith-based works seek to thrill and inspire all audiences. A brain tumor survivor, Cornish’s mindful writing continued to connect him to audiences as he battled to regain his speech.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Griswold & Christophe



Middle Grade Fantasy


Griswold & Christophe is “A New Fairy Tale.” It is part of a new tradition in contemporary kid’s books that makes direct and playful references to old legends, fairy tales, children’s rhymes and folk tales. You can see this in other current authors like Tom Gault and his “The Little Wooden Robot and the Log Princess.” Also with Jess Hannigan’s book titled: “Spider in the Well.” In “Griswold & Christophe” there are obvious references (some made by the characters themselves) to Gilgamesh the Hero, The March of the Toy Soldiers, Theseus in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, Sleeping Beauty in the Woods, Androcles and the Lion, Oedipus and the Sphinx, The Sword in the Stone and The Adventures of Pinocchio.



About the Author





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An Affair With Murder


 A Romance writer tries to solve a murder. 

Suspects? The three investigators!  

An Affair With Murder

by Robert Sells

Genre: Mystery Romance

 Devastated by the murder of her best friend after the prom, Rebecca has a nervous breakdown and flees her hometown. Twelve years later, now a successful author, she struggles with agoraphobia. Her therapist insists she return home for closure. But when she arrives, she's horrified to find there’s been another grisly murder identical to the first one.

The three officers of the law handling the investigation are former friends of Rebecca and, coincidentally, love interests in high school. Knowing she is writing a murder-mystery, the three men agree to share their findings with her. Rebecca stumbles upon a note from the original homicide suggesting that the killer has be one of the three investigators. But which one? Not knowing who to trust, Rebecca decides to solve the case on her own. As she gets closer to uncovering the truth, it looks like she will be the next victim.

Amazon * Bookbub * Goodreads

I attended college at Ohio Wesleyan where I struggled with physics. Having made so many mistakes in college with physics, there weren’t too many left to make and I did quite well at graduate school at Purdue.

I worked for twenty years at Choate Rosemary Hall, an exclusive boarding school in the heart of Connecticut. More often than not, students arrived in limousines. There was a wooded area by the upper athletic fields where I would take my children for a walk. There, under a large oak tree, stories about the elves would be weaved into the surrounding forest.

Returning to my home town to help with a father struggling with Alzheimer’s, the only job open was at a prison. I taught an entirely different clientele whose only interaction with limousines was stealing them. A year later Alfred State College hired me to teach physics. I happily taught there for over ten years.

My wife’s boss, the superintendent of a rural school in western New York, begged me to teach physics and earth science. Helping young high school students was particularly appealing to me at this point in my career and the salary was more than reasonable, so I find myself happily teaching at Mt Morris Central School.

Five years ago, my wife pestered me about putting to “pen” some of the stories which I had created for the children and other relatives. I started thinking about a young boy and a white deer, connected, yet apart. Ideas were shuffled together, characters created and the result was the Return of the White Deer. This book was published by the Martin Sisters.

Years ago I gave a lecture on evolution. What, I wondered, would be the next step? Right away I realized that silicon ‘life’ had considerable advantages over mortal man. Later this idea emerged as the exciting and disturbing story called Reap the Whirlwind.

Two years ago I stumbled upon an old article in the local paper about a Brinks’ robbery in 1992. Apparently over ten million dollars were stolen and most of it was never recovered. Although the mafia was peripherally involved in the heist, it was unlikely they took the missing millions. This was the seed which has now grown into the young adult novel, The Runner and the Robber.

I have many other stories inside my mind, fermenting… waiting patiently for the pen. Perhaps someday I will even write about those elves which still inhabit the woods in the heart of Connecticut.

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A bright and talented environmental engineer, Goldie Vreeland understands facts and figures, but Max Corda, her secret office obsession, remains a puzzle. On the eve of a business trip to a coastal island, fate intervenes, pairing her with her sexy crush. As she thinks about sharing the same space with Max for a week, her world veers dangerously off course.

Fueled by success as engineer and president of his family’s firm, recently divorced Max needs to jumpstart his life. When his father unexpectedly assigns him to Goldie’s project, his closely guarded attraction to her comes front and center. Thoughts of spending a week alone with this beautiful intelligent woman make his internal compass glitch.

Romance stirs with the island breeze, so simple when they’re hundreds of miles away from normal. But as Goldie and Max return to reality, will they discover real love is more than a game?

Read an Excerpt

Max walked toward me, thumb hooked under the shoulder strap of his bag, and smiled. Clearly, he aces the masculinity test with no preparation at all. He tilted his head, like he was thinking over something. Obviously, he had no idea he could ask me anything, and I’d say yes. Readily. Breathlessly.

“So,” he said, dragging out the word, “about dinner tonight—”

“Oh, I got it,” I said, waking up my phone. “Sofia texted me everything. Reservations downstairs at seven o’clock.” From the look of his furrowed brow, I wondered if I had a fleck of apple skin stuck between my teeth from my mid-flight snack.

“Yeah…there’s been a slight change of plans. You and Ethan were having dinner downstairs. I have something else planned for us.”

Us. The word sounded dreamy coming from his mouth, floating through the air like a kite in springtime. My toes curled inside my sandals.

“That text,” he said, gaze flickering to his phone, “was from one of my best friends from college. We’re meeting him and his wife for supper. I don’t know what the hell got into Ethan.” He rubbed his knuckles under his chin. “You can’t come to the coast and eat hotel food. Even this hotel’s food.”

I tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. “No, of course not.”

“We’re meeting Jack and Leigh at Thibodeaux’s at eight.”

Thibodeaux’s. The name twirled through my thoughts.

Max leaned a shoulder on the wall, and our gazes met. “It’s this fantastic urban grill—gorgeous waterfront views—fresh catch served daily. Exceptional food and service—”

As exceptional as you…?

“—so, how’s that sound?”

My heart skipped a pair of beats, then I relaxed into my natural Goldie grin. “Sounds wonderful.”

About the Author

I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring recipes on the lighter side of southern comfort foods. I’m a member of Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, and I love relaxing on my back porch to read and write. These days I take walks around my neighborhood, but when I was sixteen, I hiked the Grand Canyon with a group of friends. I love watching television dramas (in no special order): Palm Royale, The Buccaneers, The Bear, Mary and George, Emily in Paris, Outlander, Shrinking, Shogun, Bridgerton, Outer Banks, Stranger Things, The Crown, and Peaky Blinders and reading a great romance book.

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Disco Bar by Tori Ross


Title: Disco Bar
Series: The Holden Bars #1
Author: Tori Ross
Genres: Polyamorous Romance (MMF)
Bisexual Romance (MM)
Trope: Age Gap
Release Date: July 16, 2024


Tori Ross, the award-winning author of Copper and Rocks, brings us a steamy romp through the 1970s.



For the first time in her adult life, Nicole Tate is without a job after being "let go" from her position as a fifth-grade teacher. She suddenly finds herself alone in Chicago with no real friends, no family, no job, and no love life.

Wanting to tear up the town after being a quiet teacher for months, she heads to the local club where sex, drugs, and disco reign. There, she meets Dex Holden, owner of the hottest dance studio and school in the city, and he also happens to be the hottest man Nicole has ever seen.

After a night of exploration and adventure with Dex and his smoldering partner, Felix, Dex offers Nicole a job as his studio receptionist and a spot as his partner in a dance contest that can both boost his career and help him buy the disco club he loves.

But convincing the jealous Felix that Nicole deserves her spot in the dance contest and in Dex's heart is harder than it looks.

Will the demure Nicole ever be the same after working with Dex, learning to dance, and making both men fall for her?

Disco Bar is a full-length, poly romance with an HEA for everyone. Boogie down!


99c for TODAY ONLY!


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing May 7



Tori Ross is the bestselling and award-winning author of steamy contemporary romance and romantic comedy. Her book, The Cuffing Season Contract, won the National Indie Excellence Award for romantic comedy, and she's written several shorts, novellas, full-length books, and serials. When she's not writing, she runs a podcast called Sitting Here Reading Corn with Tori Ross and plays pickleball to get out of the house. She lives with her family and a hyper dog that needs extensive training.


The Stranger by J.L. Perry

  Title: The Stranger Author: J.L. Perry Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Billionaire, Grumpy/Sunshine,  Age Gap Fake  Relationship, ...