Friday, July 26, 2019

Rule Breaker by Phoebe Alexander

Title: Rule Breaker
Author: Phoebe Alexander

Genre: Erotic Romance
Cover Designer: Sylvie Stewart

From boss lady to hotwife ... because rules were made to be broken.

Athena Lennox rose to power in the magazine industry by working hard, following the rules, and knowing which secrets to keep. Though her magazine is on the chopping block, she's assembled her dream team and is ready to wow the board with the perfect pitch for a relaunch.

But her recently retired husband is ready to play. Warren has been hounding Athena to take a vacation and has even crazier ideas too -- what exactly is a"hotwife," anyway?

Athena swore she'd never mix business with pleasure, but breaking that rule might be the only way she can guarantee a successful launch and indulge her husband's wildest fantasy. She sets her sights on one wickedly handsome hottie, who just happens to be the marketing director. Ramsey Pearce has some secrets of his own -- and Athena plans to leverage them.

When Athena is pulled in three different directions, between her husband, Ramsey and the magazine, she has to decide which secrets to keep ... and which rules to break.

This sexy hotwife/MMF tale could possible ignite your e-reader. Read with caution, and only if your're 18+.

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