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Good Cop Bad Cop
by Sallie Moppert


GENRE:   Mystery



When his mother is beaten to death by his alcoholic stepfather, fourteen-year-old Samuel Marlowe is rescued from seeking revenge against him by a chance meeting with Officer Edwin Hill. The veteran policeman takes Sam under his wing and even becomes the boy’s foster father.

Sam becomes a cop and works alongside his beloved mentor until Edwin is killed in a shooting. Hailed as a hero for his actions in the case, Sam feels like anything but. He begins a dark descent away from the stand-up policeman he once was, turning to drugs and alcohol to numb his pain and his PTSD.

The police captain assigns Sam a partner hoping to salvage what is left of him by forcing him to become a good role model for the young recruit. Needless to say, Sam is not pleased with the arrangement, protesting it up until the moment Junior Detective Dahlia Bennett enters his life.

Will he try to shake her loose? Does her by-the-book ideals and strong moral code rub off on him? Will his relaxed attitude and views on true justice start to influence her?  What will ultimately lead to the two becoming a solid team? When Dahlia declares she wants to reopen some cases believing that the wrong person was sent to prison, Sam tells her straight out that in doing so, she would be putting her life at risk. As Dahlia persists, Sam is faced with the ultimate decision: let Dahlia reopen the cases and discover his crimes, or kill her to keep her from learning the truth.




From Inner Demons:

“Yeah, I had no idea what to say when I found out what all the hubbub was about either. I completely forgot about Scott after he was sent to prison for what he did at the party. Guess he didn’t forget about me, though.”

“It seems that way, but you didn’t answer my question. What really happened between the two of you right before SWAT and I entered the gym?”

“You really want to know?” Sam asked, an eyebrow raised.

He could see the shudder that shot through his partner from his tone of voice.

“Yes,” Dahlia said, looking her partner straight in the eye.

“I took the gun from him,” Sam said. “He didn’t think I’d do anything like that, so I plucked it right out of his hand. I pointed the gun at him and, boom, I shot him. He had his hands up. He didn’t want me to, but I had to. I had to put him down.”

Sam watched with interest as Dahlia processed what he told her. She was silent for a few minutes.

“Thank you for telling me,” was all she said before turning and walking away.

Sam kept his eyes on Dahlia as she headed down the hallway away from him. He stuffed his hands into his pants pockets.

I’ve told you the truth, Bennett. The ball’s in your court now.


Amazing just how well this book is written!  The so real like feel of the story will steal you away for the night.  The book is really thought out with the story line as well as the characters.  

Once you start this book it really easy to find yourself lost from reality reading this book.  But I will say that for some this could be a "trigger",  

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A New York native, Sallie has a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, with a Specialization in Forensic Science. A lifelong mystery fan, she has combined her love and passion for writing with her interests in criminal justice, law, and forensic science.
Sallie currently resides in New York with her family and her “zoo,” which includes two dogs, two guinea pigs, a betta fish and a leopard gecko. She works as a freelance writer/editor and a legal assistant.

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