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In Between Days
by Anne Jamison


GENRE: Young Adult


Chicago suburbs, 1985. The high school. The mall. The blood-stained Mercedes. Misogyny. Homophobia. Class warfare. Cocaine.

(And the first semester isn’t even over yet.)

The Jocks with their pastel Izods. The Barbies. The loser Burnouts.

High school in the 1980s had rules. Barbies and Jocks can mix. Barbie cheerleaders steer clear of the losers. Punks want to burn it all down.

Samantha Ward doesn't love the rules, but she plays to win. So when a snarky Burnout goes after her in a face-off, of course she fights back. Of course she fights mean. She may not get his sex joke, but she knows he made one. About her. In front of the entire cafeteria. And what's worse, she feels a tingle when she looks at bad-boy Jason.

How could she know her mean girl put-down would launch a war? Or that the school she knows hides a darker world she never even dreamed of?

In Between Days is a pitch-perfect story of first love, friendship, and enemies; of loyalty, betrayal, and the power of secrets. This darkly funny, suspenseful tale is perfect for fans of The Outsiders and The Breakfast Club.

"GRIPPING AND UNPUTDOWNABLE." --Christina Lauren, international bestselling authors of Dating You/Hating You “THIS WAS a bittersweet tumble into eighties high school nostalgia, with all the angst, sexual tension and emotional confusion involved with first love, and so well done it was a non-stop read to the end.… (Oh, and one of the best first kisses I have EVER read...),” says one reviewer

Author's Note:

This is a historical novel that contains period language that is, and was then, and should be, offensive.



Turning to the swim team, who looked like coiled springs ready to shoot out at any moment, Samantha smiled sweetly. “Thanks, guys, but you should save it and bring it to your next meet. You know, somewhere it’ll count for something real.”

 ”Because you?” She looked Jason Devlin up and down and her upper lip curled as if a cockroach had crawled across her chicken, “You?” She sounded incredulous. “I mean, it’s true I don’t speak totally disgusting well enough to understand anything that’s coming out of your mouth, but it doesn’t matter. Because you know and I know no one cares what you say or do. Really.” She looked right into Jason Devlin’s eyes and she did not flinch. “You know. No one cares.”

She turned to her lunch, took a beat, then turned back, eyes wide. “Oh, are you still here? Look. Run along. Stop trying to make yourselves look better by talking to people who do matter. Go do some drugs or burn something down, or whatever it is that you do . . . do.”  She shrugged her pretty shoulders and began delicately slicing into her chicken.

Murmur of approval from the jock and Barbie tables. A few calls of “Face!” and burning sounds.

It was almost too easy. It wasn’t a game she’d signed up for, but that was no reason to lose.  

Jason Devlin raised his eyebrows. “Check it out, man, shallow and cold. You know, usually it isn’t the shallow water that’s so—” His tone grew sharper, which told Samantha she’d struck a nerve. “What’s the word? Oh, that’s right, frigid.”

High fives and snickers. Jason looked at Samantha once more in that same appraising way, and then at Dave Watson. “Dude, good luck diving there,” and he slouched off, fist bumping with some outstretched hands from the outlying tables.

These congratulations didn’t escape Samantha’s notice. They didn’t surprise her, either. It was part of being popular that a lot of people hated you. Without ever saying a word to you. It was just part of the deal,

Samantha sighed. It wasn’t like she loved every part of her life or every one of her friends. It was more that, as she scanned the lunch room—and she did this on a daily basis, the way a general keeps an eye on the territory he needs to hold—she didn’t see a lot of better alternatives. Samantha was at the top, because she could be. And falling from that height, especially if pushed, would be painful.

She turned to her table. “Oh my God. Whatever.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Anne Jamison is the author of three critical books, including Fic: Why Fanfiction is Taking Over the World. She lives in Salt Lake City with her dogs, her son, and an avant-garde poet. She is an English professor, but not the kind that corrects your grammar (unless she is actively grading your paper). In Between Days is her first novel.

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