Monday, December 30, 2019

R.L. Mathewson Tall, Dark & Furious & Giveaway

Title: Tall, Dark & Furious 
Author: R.L. Mathewson 
Genre: Paranormal, Romance 
Series: A Pyte/Sentinel Novel #6

From bestselling author R.L. Mathewson comes the sixth installment of the Pyte/Sentinel Series…
For readers who enjoy paranormal romance with a twist.
For three centuries, Trace waited for this moment, imagined all the things that he would do to the Pack that tried to kill him, and now that he was free…
All he could think about was the woman that he’d claimed as his own. She was everything that he’d always wanted and once he had his revenge, he would make her his.
Sam had resigned herself to a lot of things over the years, being the town joke, blacking out at inopportune moments, and living with a dog that hated her, but what she hadn’t planned on was suddenly finding five large men destroying her basement, looking for a tomb that she never knew existed. In one moment, her life changed forever, leaving her to wonder how she was going to make it out of this alive.

“I really hate you,” Samantha informed the traitor that was following her as she tightened the towel around herself while she tried to ignore the splitting headache that was starting to concern her. She quickly made her way to her bedroom and once she was there, she slammed the door shut in the little bastard’s face only to bite back a groan when she realized that she wasn’t alone.
“What’s this?” the man that had barged into the bathroom a total of fifteen times to make sure that she was doing as she was told before stealing her clothes, asked from where he sat on her bed, examining her old iPod.
“It’s an iPod,” she said, absently noting that he was now wearing a pair of Nathan’s old jeans and had probably already searched her brother’s bedroom.
“What does it do?” he asked, as she walked over to her dresser, wondering if he’d found anything that she could use to get out of this.
“It plays music,” she said as she quickly grabbed some clothes, hoping to get dressed before-
“And this?” he asked, drawing her attention back to find him holding-
“Oh, my god!” she gasped as she dropped the clothes in her arms to rescue Bob before he realized what it was for, but something, mainly the way that his eyes suddenly turned red and that growl that she really shouldn’t find sexy was torn from his throat, told her that he’d just figured it out.
With a somewhat hysterical smile, she managed to grab Bob from him and shove it back in the nightstand drawer with the hopes that there wouldn’t be any follow up questions, but of course with the way that her day was going, she really should have expected it.
“What do you use that for, wife?” he asked, making her wince.
“It’s umm, a sleep aide?” she said absently, wondering if he’d found-
“And this?” he asked in that same deep sexy growl that let her know that yes, yes, he had indeed found her pocket rocket.
The sound of Bob Jr. turning on only confirmed it. Reminding herself that she needed to tread lightly here, she turned around, and mumbled, “It helps with the sleep aide,” noting the way that his red eyes narrowed on her before she quickly turned around as she shut it off and shoved it in the drawer with Bob. Once that was done, she turned around and-
“What’s a call?” he suddenly demanded as he picked up a large black duffle bag that she hadn’t noticed before and dropped it on her bed.
“A call?” she repeated back slowly as she did her best to keep her gaze from wandering towards the cellphone on her nightstand.  

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