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Rainbow of Emotions

by Djehane Hassouna




GENRE: Poetry






Rainbow of Emotions is a culmination of Djehane's life experiences. It is a map guiding the reader through the confusing labyrinth of life, unravelling the complicated pattern of her intricate journey through poetry. Djehane writes poems about nature, events, and feelings, about life as a whole. She expresses her hopes and fears, her triumphs and failures, her gratitude and resentment. Every poem is linked to her soul! Every poem is a masterpiece in its own right!









We all need Light in our lives. Light’s many dimensions

Illuminate our environment as well as our soul.

We require Light to observe, discover, analyze, and elucidate,

As well as Light to feel, comprehend, reason out, accept or refuse.

We need the Light of Reason and the Light of Love

To fill our hearts and minds.

We need the Divine Light of understanding and compassion;

The Light of gratitude for all the blessings we’ve received.

Without light we can be so helpless!

We necessitate the Light of vision, to find our way,

To tread carefully, avoiding danger and looking where we step, and

Moonlight to attenuate the darkness of the night.

We require the Light of perseverance to interpret the mystery

Of the Universe: geographical, astrological, scientific, and historic.

We necessitate the Light of wisdom, to learn from the lessons

Of the past, to rediscover the future, to assess right and wrong,

To be able to make decisions. To benefit

From this vital inner Light, we must never abandon the

Pursuit of knowledge! And last but not least, the Light

Of Freedom, representing Human dignity, is as essential

As life itself! Always Light within and Light without!







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Djehane Hassouna grew up in Egypt where she received her formal education in French. Her fascination with French poetry and fairy tales has always inspired her writing. Djehane also speaks Arabic, Italian, and a little Spanish.


Djehane received her BA in French from the Catholic University of America, her MA in Comparative Literature from Vermont College, and her PhD in Romance Languages and Literatures from the University of Pittsburgh. Throughout her life, Djehane has continued to express her feelings through poetry in both French and English. As she writes, and as her emotions take shape into verse, Djehane becomes one with her poetry.












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  1. Hello. Thank you so much for hosting my book! and thank you Goddess Fish Promotions for organizing. I hope you enjoy my poetry and I welcome all your comments and suggestions. I am really excited to be here! :-)

  2. I enjoyed reading your post, thanks for sharing!

  3. Hello
    I would like thank you so much for featuring my Book, “Rainbow of Emotions” on your Blog. I am honored to be part of your community. This was my first blog tour and it was truly an amazing experience. Please do keep in touch and I hope we get to work together in the future.


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