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Addiction to Poetry

by Trevor Muir




GENRE: Poetry





This book is a compilation of all the poems I have written in my life. Each one comes from a very personal place within me. Some of the poems truly show me at my most fearful, sad, and lonely moments in my life, and others are examples of how I was feeling at a time when I was desperate and lost all hope.


Some are of love, hope, a general wonder or curiosity, and accomplishment, and others came from the experiences of people closest to me.


I have added a page that briefly describes where the inspiration for the poem(s) came from, to help better tell the story. For me, poems and writing became a personal outlet. They have given me a safe way to express my thoughts and feelings.


I hope you enjoy them. If they are at all relatable than that’s even better. I hope that those who read these, and identify with them, will see that no matter how rough life may seem at any given time, it can get better if you just keep going.


Although the poems within these pages may be a bit random and unorganized, as is my life sometimes, they are raw and real. They are as I wrote them at that time.


I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read any or all of them, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I am sure my Mom will.






God’s Gift


It has taken me years to get here, but I believe we have all been given the gift of life, which means we have been given the gift of time. There is nothing more perfect than the exact moment we’re in. Each second will never be repeated, and no experience will ever be precisely the same. What’s great about this is no matter how dark or sad it is in this moment, it can and will be different. All pains can be replaced with, hope, peace and love. I certainly do not try and sell people on God, spirituality or faith, but this came into my head when I was running in Kelowna one day many years ago. It hit me that life is really millions, or billions of tiny moments and that God’s gift is the present. I came from a very dark place in my life to a place where I feel alive, ok, peaceful at times, and mostly content and happy. Today I know its ok to feel sadness and pain because those too will pass. As some of my poems indicate I was living in a hell inside my head. Today I’m grateful for my life and for the people in it. As I have mentioned these are very personal to me and come from a special place in my heart and soul. I hope you not only enjoy them but that they help in some small way. – Trev


Look back fondly, but momentarily on


memories, as this is the past.


Look ahead with hope, faith and courage


momentarily as this is the future.


Be present right now.


As this is GOD’S GIFT.


Live in this moment with honesty and integrity.


Look at the world through a child’s eyes,


With openness and wonder!


Feel reborn each day, each hour, each minute.


As two moments will never again be the same.


Open your heart to Love.


And your soul to God.


Then find inner peace.


Then live life, right now, this moment.


Because this is the present.


And this is GOD’S GIFT!







AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Trevor Muir grew up in Elmworth, a small farming community in Northern Alberta. He learned at an early age the importance of family, friends, and community.


He also learned that working hard and being kind were essential to getting ahead but giving back to others was truly what life was about.


His life has led him down many paths that he could have never imagined, and he has had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people on the planet.


He strongly believes in sharing experiences in the hopes that it will help others to see they are not alone, and inspire them to become the best version of themselves.






















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