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World of Stars

By Seyoum Nigussie




GENRE: Poetry






World of Stars is a collection of poetry that portrays the beauties of nature and human experiences in the world. The poems enumerate various places, events, personas, notions and conditions that deserve poetic attention. A portion of the poems are made for tributes and gratitude to great personas who make this world as adorable as it is.


The poems are on varied topics and distinct from each other. Abstract and subjective ideas are woven into the poems to highlight the degree of transcendence. All the poems are metrical composition. By illustrating the good side of the world and nature within it, the poems aim to elevate people to a good way of looking at life as beautiful and meaningful.







Marvels of Nature


When a day is not sure with all writs


Travels across over to local traits


Marvels of nature roar as holy greets.


When rivers flow and mountains vigil


Wind blows by enlarge and trees are still


In all accounts, nature is noble and thrill.


If daylights are gone, stars will appear


Change of views is for new fruit to bear


Marvels of nature is a bliss on daily fare.


When seen from air, it’s all that green


Viewed from seas, it is so much clean


Wonders of nature is all free and given.


When differences are beauties so as to worth


As motions of display gear for sensual wreath


Most adorable place is dearly planet earth.


Abundant factors are always at play


And words are not enough all to display


Nature is marvelous as for cosmic relay.





AUTHOR Bio and Links:


The world and life in general was promising to me until I was 17 years in my native country of Ethiopia. While a high school student in 1974, the world around me came crashing down when communist military Junta took state power and soon started a killing spree, at times committing mass murder. This was very traumatizing and the start of Stalinist ‘Red Terror’ on the ground. It was bad enough to hate being in life. From this, I quickly learnt life in the world is about taking on adventures.


With six of my school friends and one of our teachers, we formed an alliance to take action against the Junta. With 2 years of preparation we had managed to inform the public and get the local police headquarters on our side. Then, in April 1976 we staged a rebellion without violence in Nekempte, provincial capital of Welega.  The revolt was short-lived, nothing lost with little gain. Amidst media control of the Junta, the news of rebellion was heard across the country. After that, my friends and I vowed to individually take on challenges for democracy as a life-long mission. We split apart and I went underground. When the security situation became harsh, I left the country for Sudan.


Despite traumatizing news and the realities around me with the ‘Periods of Gloom and Doom’, I took refuge in reading classical poetry which became my long time passion.


After a long journey through ups and downs, I suffered a car accident in Sudan, and left Africa all together - migrating to Canada in 1990. Through my journey in life, I looked around for a drug of relief from grief and nostalgia.  Poetry reading had become my choice for entertainment and to delete bad memories and traumas. Soon after I realized that positive poetry is as good as drugs, music and paintings are, I decided to write one and here I begin with World of Stars.
































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    1. Thank you Rita! The goodness in you is great.

  2. Thank you Glenda! I heard of Chinese proverb that says: There is beauty in everything, but not everybody can see it. Your sharp mind is great to see what is interesting.


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