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by S. H. Everly




GENRE: YA Fantasy, Christian themes






For 17-year-old Katrina Peterson, life is never the same after she finds out she’s moving back to California. Upon arrival, Katrina learns that the town has secrets, and at the heart of them is the mysterious and popular Jared, who’s been dreaming about her long before she came to Santa Cruz. Only one thing seems to have all the answers: a map given to her by her mother. But Katrina wonders how long she can keep her own secret from Jared. Will he ever accept her for who she truly is? But, more importantly, can she? A story filled with friendship, family, love, and even faith, Iridescent will take you away to the beaches and ocean waters of Central California, and on a magical journey in this coming of age book.








I stared at the water in front of me as I inched my way toward it, the sand damp under my toes. A sunray shone against my skin as I looked out at the rose gold sunset. The light hit the waves at just the right angles, sending the entire ocean into streams of gold, orange, and rose-colored confetti and ribbon.


I loved the sea—how one disturbance could send a thousand ripples in all directions, how light could change it in an instant, and how it was never one color. I loved that it sounded like it was breathing as it exhaled when it came across the sand and inhaled as it flowed back toward the

water. And what I loved most of all were the animals that I knew lived inside it.


As the water rushed toward my feet, it seemed like the water would touch them, but suddenly it retreated, leaving white foam in its place. The sun had finished its descent into the horizon, and I finally let the water hit my toes as I felt the rush of a wave against my feet. The water was no longer rose-colored or gold; it had turned to a deep blue, mirroring the sky above me. The water was warm and smooth. I sighed a moment, feeling the wind in my hair and the water against my feet, but when I looked down, my toes were as blue as the water beneath me.





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Sarah is the author of Iridescent. She is a lover of the ocean and the beach which have inspired her writing, and she is also inspired by her Christian faith. In her free time, she loves baking gluten-free recipes and painting. Something on Sarah's bucket list is to write a full first draft on a typewriter. She is excited to continue writing the sequel to Iridescent, Book 1 of the Iridescent Series.








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  1. This sounds like an interesting book and I also like the cover.

  2. Great excerpt and beautiful cover! Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!

  3. I love the cover! The colors and graphics are great.

  4. I love the beautiful cover. Thanks for the giveaway!


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