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The Manual for Letting Go

by Dr. Eman Yasin




GENRE: Non-fiction, Self-help, Self-improvement






We all have undesired addictions we want to let go of. We try and try, but end up failing again and again. But what if the only reason we are going in endless circles of failure is the method we use to let go? Imagine you have access to an effective manual full of mental and practical exercises, the manual that's gonna help you get rid of your bad habits. Who says we don't have one? Now we do . . .


It's the book that changes the chemical reactions in your brain by reprogramming it. It will cause you to let go of whatever harms you spontaneously, just like taking a course of medicine to let you eventually quit your bad habits effortlessly, and, most importantly, enjoyably. It works very effectively, as this book contains a real story for a specific method with defined exercises and calculated steps. The method has been applied to several people, and it cured them completely.







This is the miracle that happened to me, and which still happens every day, fueling me with strength and power. But the big question is: “Is it really a miracle?” Yes, if you consider something happens to 2.5 million persons every year in the United States a miracle1. Although that is a huge number of people who quit completely and successfully each year, still it is very few in comparison with the number of smokers wandering around the United States. In fact, 2.5 million only represents 7% of those who are trying to quit.


1 MMRW. Morbidity. 2000-2015, Quitting Smoking among Adults- United States. (2017). Babb, S 4, 65 and morality weekly report states that almost 2.5 million persons quit smoking successfully and completely every year.


A bigger question is showing up here: “Why is the percentage too low?” Why do 93% of smokers still fail to quit smoking? Why do they stick with their addiction and remain powerless? What is the reason that just a few people have realized the freedom of quitting, whereas many others are trying to figure out how to achieve this miracle… the miracle that just so happened to me?


But… Is It Really a Miracle?


As a matter of fact, there are two correct answers: it is and it is not a miracle. On one side, it is really a miracle when I think about how much I was addicted to smoking, how I was about to lose hope of ever quitting smoking and becoming free again, when I remember how miserable I used to be and how attached to the cigarette I was… when I remember my fear and loneliness in the middle of the night when I realized that I was left with only one cigarette. The fear that pushed me to sneak out at midnight—ashamed and scared—to go to the store and fulfill my need for cigarettes. It is a miracle when I think about how my addiction was part of every little detail of my life, when I remember my trembling hands, tired eyes, and the curved shoulders I used to have ten years ago.


It is a miracle when I recall the depressing feelings that I used to have the moment I would light a cigarette, starting a battle with myself that always ended in the cigarette’s favor, a that raged with the cigarette and part of myself on one side and the rest of myself on the other side. A part of me wanted to quit smoking and the rest of me felt like I could not do it, so the battle used to end with a weak and humiliating army for both parties and a dishonorable victory for the cigarette. At the end of each battle, I weakly backed off and lost more control over myself.









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Eman Yasin was born and raised in Amman, Jordan. She is the founder of the "smoker's friendship" technique, which helps smokers quit smoothly and happily. She is also the writer of the smoker's friend Arabic book, which was adopted by the Tobacco Control Club in WISE University, which is part of the Jordanian Universities Association, to combat smoking. Her career was built on a solid knowledge of self-development, project management (a valid PMP professional Project Manager since 2004), training, and professor assistance.


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  1. I am the author and I would like to welcome you and I hope you will like the book

  2. Wow! This sounds like an interesting book! We all have habits we would like help letting go of.

  3. The Manual For Letting Go sounds like a very informative, motivating book.


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