Wednesday, June 7, 2023

I Still Hate You by Miranda Stanley




I Still Hate You by Miranda Stanley is available now!

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Amethyst Hollow, where the forbidden happens.

Nadia has dreamed her whole life of being a top nail artist. She's been invited to a convention at the luxurious Pa'ina Exclusive Resort in Hawaii and for once in her life, she's got the money to do something this extravagant. She's never been on airplane, or been so far from home, but she arrives at the airport, ready to fly to her dream vacation. What she wasn't ready for was an inspection of her suitcase, or for the security agent to pull out the contents. Some very embarrassing contents. Worse, her best friend's brother, always a complete jerk to her, but her forever secret crush, is there to witness her total humiliation.

Bryn has wanted Nadia since they were kids in high school. He's tormented her, despite his desire, to keep her at arm's length. Now, he has the perfect moment to humiliate her and he almost takes it too far. But what she has in that bag intrigues him. He lets it go, however, because he's on his way to his own convention for master carpenters and woodworkers.

What happens when these two end up in the same resort, sharing only one bed? And what exactly is in Nadia's bag? And will Bryn finally pay for those years of tormenting Nadia?


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